This year, New Yorkers made history at the polls by electing a Democratic majority in the New York State Senate.  Through the efforts of dozens of coalitions and advocacy groups, in partnership with hundreds of community organizers and tens of thousands of grassroots activists -- New Yorkers have changed the path of history.  

The Fighting for Children PAC, which has been at the forefront of the effort to flip the New York Senate for several years, anticipates that the passage of the Child Victims Act will be one of the first orders of business for the next session of the New York Legislature.  After passing the Assembly several times in the past decade, the Child Victims Act, which has been blocked from a vote in the formerly Republican led State Senate in every case, will likely finally be voted into law when the legislative session re-opens.

Gary Greenberg, founder of the Fighting for Children PAC, said “New Yorkers have spoken tonight at the polls, loudly and clearly.  They’ve said that we will no longer allow our politicians to protect sexual abusers from facing justice, that we will not endanger kids any further by continuing to protect organizations which shelter these abusers, and that we will no longer deny kids of the justice and peace that they deserve.  It’s time to pass the Child Victims Act in New York.”

NYS Senate Democrats claim majority, giving the part a clean sweep of state government - NY Daily News

"The victory means the Democrats now control the state Senate, the Assembly, the offices of governor, attorney general and controller as well as the state’s two U.S. Senate seats.

The win should open the floodgates to a host of legislation that has been blocked by the GOP-controlled chamber for years, Democrats say.

That includes a strengthening of the state’s abortion laws, additional gun control measures, more expansive rent protections, new ethics rules, and passage of a Child Victims Act that would give child sex abuse survivors more time to bring criminal and civil cases as adults."

We must pass the Child Victims Act.


For too long, NY’s kids have been endangered by a Republican-led State Senate which obstructs justice for child victims by protecting insurance companies, the church and the boy scouts against claims, and maintaining antiquated laws which harm NY’s children.

Attitudes towards childhood sexual abuse and victim-blaming have evolved over the years, but the laws in New York State have not. Gary Greenberg is a survivor advocating for the Child Victims Act, a proposal to raise the statue of limitations to file civil suits and criminal charges from age 23 to age 50 for civil suits and 28 for criminal charges.