Fighting for Children PAC has sent the following pledges and addendums to Governor Cuomo, Attorney General-Elect James, and every member of the 2019 New York Legislature. You can view the pledges here:

governor’s pledge and addendums

2018-2019 Governor’s Pledge - Child Victims Act.jpg
2018-2019 Governor’s Pledge - Addendum 1.jpg
2018-2019 Governor’s Pledge - Addendum 2.jpg

attorney general’s pledge

2018-2019 Attorney General's Pledge - CHILD VICTIMS ACT (1).jpg

Legislator’s pledge and addendums

2018-2019 Legislator’s Pledge - Child Victims Act.jpg
2018-2019 Legislator’s Pledge - Addendum 1.jpg
2018-2019 Legislator’s Pledge - Addendum 2.jpg